Patrick Autréaux.png


Visiting Scholar

Poetry, Creative Writing, Contemporary Art, Queer Cultures, Medicine, Psychiatry, Cultural Anthropology.

Patsy Baudoin


Developmental Editor

Media Studies, Visual Arts, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Suzanne Berger

John M. Deutch Institute Professor

Politics & Globalization, Political Economy (France & Italy), Europe.

Catherine E. Clark

Associate Professor of

History & French Studies


Cultural History of Modern Europe & France, Photography, Paris.

2019 headshot claire.jpeg

Quanta Professor of Chinese Culture

Professor of Theater Studies


Chinese & Asian American Theater,   Performance Studies, Sport, Translation France/China.

Isabelle de Courtivron

Ann F. Friedlaender Professor Emerita in the Humanities

French & Comparative Literature, Women Writers, Bilingualism.

Cathy Culot

Lecturer in French

Co-Director MIT Belgium

Multiculturalism & Cross-Cultural Communication, Bilingualism, Belgium.

Amah Edoh

Homer A. Burnell Assistant Professor of Anthropology & African Studies

Material Practices across Africa, Dutch Wax Cloth, Togo. 

Mary Fuller

Professor of Literature

MacVicar Fellow

Travel, Renaissance & Early Modern Literature, Europe & the New World, Québec.


Senior Lecturer Emerita in French

Intercultural Communication, Interactive Multimedia Technology, Second Language Acquisition.

Malick Ghachem

Associate Professor of History


Slavery and Abolition, Haiti, France, Legal History, American Criminal Justice.


Affiliate Professor. M. Taylor Pyne Emerita Professor of French at Princeton University

European Enlightenment, French Literature, Science Fiction & Science,  Cultural History. 

Erica Caple James

Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology & Urban Studies

Haiti, Humanitarian Assistance, Violence, Haitian Diaspora, Charity.

Graham Jones

Associate Professor of Anthropology

MacVicar Fellow

Linguistic & Cultural Anthropology. Popular Culture. Metropolitan and Colonial France. Québec.

Sabine Levet

Senior Lecturer Emerita in French

Intercultural Communication, Technology in Language Teaching & Learning.

Isadora Nicholas

Part-time Lecturer in French

 French film & Visual Culture, Reception of Japanese Cinema in France, Francophone Comic Books

Bruno Perreau

Cynthia. L Reed Professor of

French Studies & Language

Social & Political Theory, Minority Politics in France & the US, Adoption and Bioethics, Queer Studies, French Literature.

Jeffrey S. Ravel

Professor of History


Old Regime & Revolutionary France, European Cultural & Intellectual History, Comédie Française.

leanna 2.jpg

Lecturer in French


Second Language Pedagogy; 16th- & 17th-Century Literature, M. de Roberval &  Canadian History, Women Writers.

Kristel Smentek

Associate Professor of Art History

Director History, Theory & Criticism


18th-century French & European Visual Culture, History of Collecting, the Art Market and Encounters with Asia.

Larysa Smirnova

Part-Time Lecturer in French


French Prose Fiction, 20th-Century French & Francophone Cinema, Literary Theory, Semiology & Linguistics

Edward B. Turk

John E. Burchard Professor Emeritus of the Humanities

French Theater & Film, Cultural Critique, Star Studies, Gender Studies, Comparative Media Studies.

Bernardo Zacka

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Political Theory, Bureaucracy, Architecture & Politics, 20th-century European Political Thought.