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The French+ Initiative is an interdisciplinary research hub at MIT providing top-notch expertise on French language, and on French and francophone cultures.

Our faculty and lecturers specialize in four main areas:

Literature and the Practice of French Language

  • Second language acquisition and literature.

  • Digital learning and intercultural communication.

  • Hagiographical narratives of 16th- and 17th-century women writers.

  • Translation and the relationships between French and other languages.

  • Cultural hybridity in Belgium.

  • Semiology and literary theory.

  • 19th- and 20th-French prose fiction.

  • Bilingualism.

  • Contemporary women writers.


France, and the Global History of Arts and Technologies

  • 18th century architecture.

  • French theater and the Comédie Française.

  • Museography and memory.

  • The photographic history of Paris.

  • The People’s Republic of China through French eyes.

  • Popular beliefs of science, science fiction and culture.

  • The European Enlightenment.

  • French Film.

  • Cultural critique and media in France.

Decolonization, Diaspora, and Creative Cultures in the Francophone World

  • Slavery and revolutions.

  • Haitian communities in the US.

  • Trauma, violence, and global health.

  • Popular entertainment and colonialism.

  • Family law in North Africa.

  • Black African subjectivities.

  • Creative industries in Africa.

  • Early voyages, colonization and the relationships between Europe and Québec.

Politics, Social Theory, and Law in Contemporary France and Europe

  • French and European political institutions.

  • Nations, governance and globalization.

  • Family policies and bioethics.

  • Street-level bureaucracy.

  • 20th century European political thought.

  • Social movements, migrations, and youth cultures.

  • Anti-discrimination law, and the politics of gender, sexuality, race, and class.

  • Intellectual exchanges between France and the United States. 

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