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Transfer Credits


For general information on transfer credit requests, please refer to the Office of Registrar’s website.

Receiving Transfer Credit

We advise you to consult our Transfer Credits Examiner before registering for a class at another college or university (other than Harvard University, Wellesley College, or the Massachusetts College of Art, where MIT students have cross-registration privileges) to ensure that it is suitable for transfer credit and if a minimum grade is required. However, all decisions as to transfer credit will depend upon the TCE's evaluation of the documents provided by the student after the subject has been completed.

Generally, transfer subjects are only eligible for HASS elective credit with the HASS transfer credit examiner’s approval. The total number of class, homework and/or lab hours, and the types of assignments and assessments will determine the number of credits you can receive. Please see more information on the SHASS site.

Students seeking transfer credit after completing a class must:

fill out the transfer credit form


  • title and description of class from course catalog

  • name of instructor, department and institution

  • full syllabus, with intended learning outcomes and assignments

  • a copy of grade report (the official transcript is submitted directly to the Registrar’s office)

  • and as much additional material as possible, including assignment sheets and samples of written work or tests.


These materials should be submitted together to the TCE for review and signature. The signed form must then be submitted to the SHASS Dean's Office. An official transcript must be submitted directly to the Registrar’s office. Please follow all other instructions on the Office of Registrar’s website.

Transfer Credits Examiner: Bruno Perreau

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