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Tier III

Taught in French

21G.320 Introduction to French Literature

21G.321 Childhood and Youth in French and Francophone Cultures

21G.322 Frenchness in an Era of Globalization

21G.325 New Culture of Gender: Queer France

21G.341 Contemporary French Film and Social Issues

21G.342 French Pop Music

21G.344 French Feminist Literature: Yesterday and Today

21G.346 Topics in Modern French Literature and Culture

21G.347 Social and Literary Trends in Contemporary Short French Fiction

21G.348 Global Paris


The program consists of 11 subjects (138 units) beginning at French III. 6 of the 11 subjects may count towards the 8-subject HASS GIR. The 5 remaining subjects provide 66 units beyond GIR.

Students choose from the following list of subjects (for more details, see our Course Catalog):

Core subjects

21G.304 French IV
21G.306 French Communication Intensive I    CI-M (for majors in French only)
21G.307 French Communication Intensive II    CI-M (for majors in French only)


Tier I
21G.303 French III

21G.304 French IV

Tier II
21G.308 Writing (Like the) French
21G.310 French Conversation
21G.311 Introduction to French Culture
21G.312 Basic Themes in French Literature and Culture
21G.315 A Window onto Contemporary French Society

Tier III
Taught in English
21G.026/326 Global Africa: Creative Cultures
21G.028/328 African Migrations
21G.049 French Photography
21G.052 French Film Classics
21G.053 Understanding Contemporary French Politics
21G.054 France: Enlightenment and Revolution
21G.056/356 The "Making" of Modern Europe: 1789 to the Present

The CI-M requirement is completed by pairing the 3-unit add-on subject numbers 21G.306 and 21G.307 with two of the Tier III subjects in French, as listed above. These pairings count as two single subjects worth 15 units each towards the eleven-subject requirement. Students who have registered for 21G.306 or 21G.307 will develop an additional project with the faculty member teaching the affiliated subject. 

A major course plan may include a pre-thesis (21G.THT) and thesis (21G.THU) for up to 18 units of the 138 units in the major.  The pre-thesis and thesis are reserved for students who have completed advanced-level coursework in a particular language group and demonstrate outstanding competence in their field of study.

Note: students starting the major at Tier II do not need to take 21G.304 French IV as part of the major program.

Advisor:  Catherine Clark


French Major Degree Chart
Sample Roadmap French Major

Sample Roadmap Double Major French and Nuclear Science and Engineering

Double Major Application Instructions

Joint Majors


21E Humanities and Engineering; 21S Humanities and Science

These programs entail 138 credits with subjects, starting at 21G.303 French III or higher, and six subjects from a chosen Engineering or Science course. Student must complete two CI-Ms, one taken from each area of study. Only one subject being used to meet the distribution component of the HASS Requirement may be counted toward the degree program. 

Joint Majors

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