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Course Catalog

Academic year 2023-24

MIT students have interests and prospects that span the globe.

The French and francophone program offers undergraduates the opportunity to combine a degree in any STEM-related field with in-depth language and cultural studies. 

Fall 2023

21G.301/351/371            French I                                                                                                                                                                

21G.302/352/372            French II                 

21G. 303/373                   French III               

21G.304/374                    French IV               


21G.308                             Writing (like the) French

21G.310                             French Conversation: Intensive Practice                                                                                                          

21G.312                             Basic Themes in French Literature & Culture: Exploring Francophone Culture through Comics (taught in French)


21G.346                             Topics in Modern French Literature & Culture: North America through French Eyes (taught in French)

21G.341                             Contemporary French Films and Social Issues (taught in French)                                                                              


IAP Term 2024                                                                                                                            

21G.301/351                     French I                                                                                                                                                                    

Spring Term 2024

21G.301/351                      French I

21G.302/352                      French II

21G.303                              French III                                 

21G.304                              French IV                                 


21G.310                               French Conversation: Intensive Practice (cannot be repeated)                                                                           

21G.315                               A Window onto Contemporary French Society (taught in French)


21G.320                               Introduction to French Literature: Goncourt Prize USA (taught in French)       

21G.321                               Childhood in French and Francophone Cultures (taught in French)

21G.346                               Topics in Modern French Literature & Culture (taught in French)

21M.846                               Staging Frenchness (taught in English)

June 2024

June Scholars in Paris (non-credit bearing)

For more information and class description, please consult the MIT catalog

For sample syllabi, please consult the Open Courseware webpages


If you have no previous experience in French, enroll in 21G.301 French I (21G.351 for graduate students).

If you have taken one year of French in high school, or one semester at the college level, enroll in 21G.302 (21G.352 for graduate students).

Contact Leanna Rezvani with further questions about placement in French I or French II.


If you have taken two years of French in high school, or two semesters at the college level, enroll in 21G.303 French III.

If you have taken three years of French in high school, or three semesters at the college level, enroll in 21G.304 French IV.

If you have scored a 4 or 5 on the French AP exam, consider enrolling in intermediate or advanced classes.

Contact Cathy Culot with further questions about placement in French III or above.


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